Terms and Conditions

  1. All persons wishing to place a booking with Baltic Transfers accepts that the quoted service price supplied by the Baltic Transfers website, email, or via telephone, is the final price for the service. Bookings will be confirmed by email after the payment process has been accepted, and will state all the details of the transfer including the service price.

  2. Until full payment is received, prices are subject to change regardless of the source of any quote.

  3. Baltic Transfers has the right to change service prices at any moment. If any such changes occur, Baltic Transfers will contact the client immediately by email. If the changes are not accepted by the client, a full refund is available without administration charges.

  4. Baltic Transfers reserves the right to change the service prices due to inflation of fuel prices.

  5. When the written confirmation email is received by the client, the booking is validated. If the confirmation email is not received (perhaps due to technical faults or other problems), then the booking is not validated. The client must contact Baltic Transfers if, within 24 hours, they have not received this document.

  6. Baltic Transfers will only reserve and plan for a transfer after the confirmation email is received by Baltic Transfers and also the client.

  7. All reservations made with Baltic Transfers are subject to the terms and conditions noted on the website. This includes bookings made via the website, email or telephone. When reserving a transfer with Baltic Transfers the client accepts all the terms and conditions and also accepts the terms and conditions on behalf of the other members of their group.

  8. Any required changes to any transfer information noted on the confirmation email (e.g. Pick up/drop off addresses, pick up times, number of passengers, requirement of baby/booster seats) must be notified to Baltic Transfers by email, no later than 24 hours before the outbound transfer.

  9. Payment may be made to Baltic Transfers by bank transfer. We will take reservation requests, and supply the client(s) with our bank transferring information. We will only send confirmation of the transfer by email, once we have received payment for a requested transfer. All bank transfers must be completed within 3 days of the request. If there is no confirmation, the booking has not been validated. Without payment or confirmation, Baltic Transfers will not be responsible for not doing the requested transfer.

  10. Any booking cancellations that are made 7 days prior to the reserved transfer will incur a 25 Euros administration fee. Any client wishing to cancel a booking 7 days and up to 24 hours prior to a reserved transfer booking will pay a cancellation penalty of the whole amount of the outbound journey cost, plus a 25 Euros administration fee. Bookings cancelled 24 hours and under, prior to the pick up time, will have no monies refunded.

  11. It is the clients’ duty to keep Baltic Transfers informed of any flight delays, flight cancellations or rescheduled flights. If there is a delay of 90 minutes or more, or if the Baltic Transfers driver must leave before the arrival of the client(s), the client(s) will be placed on the next available transfer that is going to the requested destination, or in the direction of the requested destination. This may mean sharing a vehicle with other passengers. If the driver has to wait for over 90 minutes, there will be a charge, of 20.00 Euros per hour thereafter starting from the first minute of the following hour, if the passenger is unwilling or unable to pay for waiting time Baltic Transfers may cancel the scheduled transfer. This charge may be wavered by Baltic Transfers. If the client(s) make Baltic Transfers aware of the new arrival time for the delayed flight before the specified driver leaves to go the airport for the flight arrival in question, then the driver will be instructed to leave according to the new arrival time and no supplement will be charged. However, if the flight delay is of an excessive length, due to circumstances such as flights being cancelled and passengers then arriving on alternative scheduled fights; or flights being rescheduled to later times; other airports or in the case where passengers miss their scheduled flights, and then book an alternative flight that arrives at a later time; then Baltic Transfers may be forced to cancel the original airport transfer booking and reschedule a new transfer to cater for the 'newly' scheduled arrival time or airport. Rescheduling is of course subject to availability. In this case, clients will be charged for the additional 'new' transfer, and no monies will be refunded for the cancelled transfer. Clients are free to refuse the newly scheduled transfer and organise an alternative transfer themselves.

  12. Any client wishing to obtain a confirmation of cancellation with any administration fee or cancellation penalty details must contact Baltic Transfers by email.

  13. Each member of a group who is travelling in a Baltic Transfers vehicle has a baggage allowance of 1 suitcase, 1 piece of hand luggage. Customers are obliged to inform Baltic Transfers of any excess luggage that will be carried in the vehicle. Baltic Transfers reserves the right to refuse access of any excess luggage into the vehicle.

  14. Baltic Transfers will try to fulfil or honour special travelling requests, however are not obliged to do so.

  15. If you experience any lost luggage while travelling with an airline, it is the clients’ duty to inform Baltic Transfers of the incident. The administration for the recovery of lost luggage could seriously affect your Baltic Transfers pick up time and the Baltic Transfers schedule. If delays occur in excess of more than 1 hour, there is a possibility that the client’s driver must leave the agreed chosen pick up point before the client’s arrival. In the event of this action, Baltic Transfers will endeavour to create another booking for the client, however the availability of any new booking is not guaranteed. If Baltic Transfers is forced to cancel a booking due to the late arrival of the client(s), the full payment of the original booking will still be withdrawn and held by Baltic Transfers. No refunds will be given for any forced cancellation by Baltic Transfers. Any new bookings made for the clients will incur additional charges. The client has the right to refuse any new booking and can organise a different method of transportation to their desired destination.

  16. Baby seats and also booster seats are available free of charge. Baltic Transfers must be notified of the needed amount of baby seats or booster seats during the time of booking. All baby seats and booster seats comply with the European health and safety regulations. Clients are welcome to use their own baby seats or booster seats in a Baltic Transfers vehicle.

  17. Any clients under 12 years of age may not travel in the front seats of a Baltic Transfers vehicle.

  18. All clients must use a seat belt.

  19. Any added additional client(s) wishing to travel with Baltic Transfers, who are not accounted for at the time of booking will be refused access into the vehicle. Baltic Transfers takes no liability or responsibility of these additional client(s).

  20. Clients must confirm their arranged return transfer pick up time by contacting Baltic Transfers no later than 24 hours before their return pick up time. If the pick up time is not confirmed, Baltic Transfers cannot guarantee that the service will be provided. In this case, Baltic Transfers is not liable or responsible for any extra cost to the client.

  21. All return airport transfer pick up times are arranged to get all clients to the airport 2 hours before the time of their flight. Baltic Transfers will not be held responsible for any return airport transfer time change made by client request. Baltic Transfers will also not take any responsibility or liability for any connections/flights being missed or any cost incurred by the client as a result of any change in return transfer pick up time.

  22. If any clients or passengers become considered as destructive, threatening, dangerous or badly behaved, any employee of Baltic Transfers has the right to refuse transporting such clients or passengers. Any clients or passengers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to travel with Baltic Transfers.

  23. If any client(s) tears, rips, soils, burns or stains any interior within a Baltic Transfers vehicle, the client will be penalised. The penalty of a 150 Euros fine will be payable immediately by the client(s). The penalty fine may be given in cash to a Baltic Transfers employee or it will be taken from the credit/debit card number given during the booking of the transfer. If, for any reason, the penalty fine cannot be obtained from the credit/debit card, legal action will be taken against the passenger concerned. In this case, the passenger concerned will incur all Baltic Transfers legal costs or fees.

  24. Any exterior damage to any Baltic Transfers vehicle caused by a client(s) must be paid for, immediately, by the client concerned. Non payment of vehicle exterior damage will result in Baltic Transfers taking legal action against the client concerned.

  25. No passengers are permitted to bring alcohol into any Baltic Transfers vehicle. The consumption of food is also not permitted in any Baltic Transfers.

  26. Smoking is not allowed in Baltic Transfers vehicles.

  27. Baltic Transfers will use every reasonable means to ensure that all Baltic Transfers vehicles arrive to pick up their client(s) at the arranged or booked time. Baltic Transfers will also do everything reasonably possible to transport any client(s) to their destination, on time. If any delay is experienced, which is out of Baltic Transfers control, Baltic Transfers cannot be held responsible.

  28. Baltic Transfers will operate with vehicles which are fully insured for passengers and third party claims. However, property belonging to any client(s) is carried at the clients own risk and Baltic Transfers accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any client(s) property.

  29. Baltic Transfers has a responsibility to transport their client(s) with maximal comfort and minimal inconvenience to their chosen destination. However if any of the following uncontrollable circumstances do not allow Baltic Transfers to fulfil this responsibility, Baltic Transfers cannot be held liable for any compensation claim: a) Accidents causing delays to the vehicle b) Exceptional or severe weather conditions c) Compliance with police controls or requests d) Any delays due to police officers or government official e) Accidents or deaths on the road causing delays f) Vehicle breakdowns g) Vandalism, terrorism, war, civil unrest, acts of god. h) Unforeseen traffic delays or traffic congestion i) Road closures j) Industrial action by other third parties k) Problems caused by any other client(s) l) Other circumstances which could affect client(s) safety In the event of any of the noted unforeseen events that could be experienced, Baltic Transfers will endeavour to deliver any client(s) to their chosen destination. If Baltic Transfers is unable to deliver any client(s) on time and to their chosen destination, Baltic Transfers will not be held responsible for any extra costs incurred or any losses.

  30. Where Baltic Transfers book transport on services provided by operators other than Baltic Transfers, we do so as agents for the operator concerned whose own conditions of carriage will apply and our liability will be confined to travel on our own services.

  31. If Baltic Transfers fail to provide a booked service because they are unable to contact the client due to a lack of mobile phone number, the said mobile phone number not being active or the phone remains unanswered when called Baltic Transfers will not be held responsible for any losses incurred.

  32. If Baltic Transfers fail for any reason within our control to deliver its passengers to their confirmed destination, Baltic Transfers will provide suitable transport such as another coach, train, private car, taxi etc. Any reimbursement made by Baltic Transfers for the costs of an alternative means of transport incurred by the passenger to get to their ticketed destination shall be no more than the cost of getting to that destination by one taxi of an appropriate size. Baltic Transfers shall be allowed a period of 120 minutes commencing from the point at which the client presents themselves to a Baltic Transfers representative, to supply the purchased service.

  33. All clients must supply Baltic Transfers with accurate details and information when booking a transfer. Any misinformation that is given to Baltic Transfers, which in turn could cause any flights being missed, connections being missed, or any inconvenience to the client(s) cannot be considered the responsibility of Baltic Transfers, and Baltic Transfers accepts no liability. If a Baltic Transfers employee must wait for any client(s) due to any misinformation (e.g. a flight departure time has been given to make the booking, instead of a flight arrival time), then the client(s) will be charged at the rate of 1 Euro per minute, counting from the time stated at the time of booking and the actual scheduled time of arrival of the flight.

  34. Baltic Transfers will only be liable for any reasonable and foreseeable consequential losses arising directly out of a breach of contract.

  35. Baltic Transfers reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any point in time. The terms for a transfer will be regulated by the terms and conditions stated at the time of booking.

  36. All clients maintain their statutory rights.

  37. All Baltic Transfers terms and conditions are governed by Latvian law.

  38. Any dispute between Baltic Transfers and any third party, if not resolved by mutual agreement shall be referred to a mediator. If mediation is unsuccessful, then the matter of the dispute will be referred to a formal litigation process via the Latvian courts.

  39. Baltic Transfers may store the client(s) email address and contact the client(s) via email about special offers that may be available to the client(s). If, for any such reason, the client wishes that Baltic Transfers does not store their email address, the client(s) must state this in writing via email to Baltic Transfers.